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- The Wandering Man -
"Bringing the Heart of Australia into the Hearts of Australians."
About Greg Hastings
Greg has traversed over 400,000 kilometres of this vast continent amassing a unique knowledge of Australia and Australians, including some of the most respected elders of the Aboriginal people. Learning to play the didgeridoo from them on his first tour of the Kimberley Aboriginal communities in 1988.
Greg's contemporary Adult Australian show incorporates didgeridoo, songs and stories of humour, environmental awareness and the essence of this land. From the rain forests of North Queensland to the Snowy Mountains from the Nullarbor Plain to the Kimberley.
The Adult Entertainer
The combination of a rich voice, a wealth of songs and stories, a warm friendly approach and a fine didgeridoo style make up the talents of one of Australia's favourite performers.
For the past 38 years Greg's sole income has come from his entertaining skills, a fact that he is justly proud of. Greg is based in Perth, Western Australia, though he has spent 80% of his time travelling the country performing at Festivals, Clubs, Tourist Resorts, Schools and even the odd backyard barbie. He has 10 albums to his credit which are listed under recordings.
As an entertainer Greg has an instinctive rapport with his audience and that unique ability to create an interesting and light hearted atmosphere. His Welsh origins are betrayed by a lilting accent and this, accompanied by his wry sense of humour, guitar and didgeridoo, draws his audience into the show.

The Children's Entertainer.

The Wandering in the Bush Show

Wandering In The Bush Show - EXTENDED PREVIEW 1min 50sec http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH6M4pZ_8_A

Greg is also adept as a children's entertainer presenting a children's show entitled "Wandering in The Bush", incorporating songs and stories of Australian animals, including some didgeridoo pieces. The show works well for ages 3 -13 years.

The Wandering in the Bush Show is a fun interactive show which takes a very positive step towards an understanding of Aboriginal culture, imparting the joy of community singing and participation of the children.

The children are invited to sit in a singing circle and join in with hand actions to every song. With titles like 'Walking in the Bush', 'I Love the Bush', and 'Bush Calls' they are taken on a journey of imagination back in time, emulating something that has been done here, by Indigenous people for thousands of years, singing of the land and its animals.

To hear a sample of "Walking in the Bush or "I Love the Bush" Click Me

"The Wandering in The Bush Show" was devised during 4 Aboriginal community school tours in 1988, '91, '93 & 98. The show provides the opportunity for children to get in touch with this magical land of Australia and learn more about the special uniqueness of the bush and Aboriginal culture.
One of Greg's Favourite Festival for Kids. Warrnambool International Children's Festival.
The 'didgeridoo' taught to Greg by the Kimberley Aboriginals is an integral part of the 'Wandering in the Bush Show' with two pieces - 'Family of Kangaroos' and 'Marundu' (Goanna) are both performed on didgeridoo with some facets of the instrument explained during the show. The children are enchanted by its magic sound. See what other people say about the show!!
The bottom line of "Wandering in The Bush" is fun, entertaining, interactive and educational. Even adults enjoy it! Teachers and carers alike have acclaimed it to be one of the best incursion shows to visit.
Didgeridoo Player & Teacher
Greg has now been playing the didgeridoo since 1989 after learning from the Aboriginal people of the remote Kimberly region in Western Australia.
He is regarded by many, including Aboriginal elders, to be one of the finest in the country. Greg's method of teaching has encouraged many to take up the didgeridoo, including some prominent Aboriginals. He has a way of simplifying the technique of the cyclic breathing, taking his students through a step by step process. His workshops are great fun and very informative.

Musical Background
Greg began his musical career as a founding member of the Mucky Duck Bush Band in 1973, 3 years after he migrated to Australia from Wales. In 1976 the band turned professional and rose to great heights of success in Western Australia. At the beginning of 1979 Greg launched his solo career, travelling to New Zealand, America, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe. He then returned to Australia for a year before setting off once more around the world in 1982. On his return to Australia in 1983, he began touring the continent extensively. For 25 years he has toured almost continually playing Festivals, Clubs, Tourist Resorts, Schools etc.