22 May 2016
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                                    - The Wandering Man -
"Bringing the Heart of Australia into the Hearts of Australians."
G'day everyone Welcome to Greg's Web Page nice of you to tune in.

You are probably wondering why he's called the "Wandering Man", that's because as a working musician and entertainer for the past 38 years he's done a great deal of wandering, read on.

The Adult Entertainer
The combination of a unique voice, a wealth of songs and stories, a warm friendly approach and a fine didgeridoo style make up the talents of one of Australia's favorite performers; Greg Hastings.

As an entertainer Greg has an instinctive rapport with his audience and that ability to create an interesting and light hearted atmosphere. His Welsh origins are betrayed by a lilting accent and this, accompanied by his wry sense of humour, guitar and didgeridoo, draws his audience into the show.

To book Greg for "The Wandering in the Bush Children's Show" and/or Greg's "Wandering Man" adult show via e-mail please make contact here
Or simply fill in his On Line Booking Service.

There is more about Greg, his music and life in the about page. You can hear some of his music or order albums directly from Greg at his shows. Greg is a travelling man and you can view his itinerary for information as well as see the highlights of his travels.

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Greg recieved a successful kidney transplant in 2016 and his semi-retirement he is still available for performance at nursing homes, schools and child-care centres. Shine on.